Sherryn Leigh Photography | 6 need to know wedding planning tips from a pro
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6 need to know wedding planning tips from a pro

Okay, here’s the reality; you’re freshly engaged & blissfully happy. Then suddenly someone asks when the big day is and you’re slugged in the chest with the realisation that getting married these days is not just lovey-dovey feelings, endless joy and the ultimate life commitment. Excuse my French when I say, there’s this tight dread occurring inside and all you can think is… ‘holly sh*t, we have so much to figure out and plan/pay for!’

Yep, thats it. Those that have been there know that that’s the emotion that both terrifies and excites you, and thats why you’ve just googled something like ‘wedding planning tips’ or stumbled upon this article and clicked to read because it could possibly help in some minute way. Welcome to the next year off your life my friend, we in the biz like to call it – Wedding Planning. Feel free to enjoy the ride. Here’s a few honest insider tips to help.

Where to start:

Its month 1, most people start with trying to find a date that is somewhat meaningful to you and your partner. Good on them, that’s sweet, but in my opinion it makes life drastically harder for them. You’re here for my help yes? Well embrace the honesty. 

Don’t go for specific dates. Instead pick a time of year and then hunt for your venue. If you’re selecting a prestigious or sought after location then be prepared to delay your nuptials until the following year. Don’t worry, you’re partner loves you, they’ll still be there. 

1: Pick a time of year to get married
2: Hunt for your ideal location


When the date is chosen, most couples get all excited and begin choosing their bridal party. Their most treasured friends or family who will stand beside them on the greatest day of their lives. 

Again, I’m hear to tell you, PLEASE rethink this! Oh so many brides that come through my studio, wish they had allowed themselves to plan, bridesmaid and groomsmen free, for that bit longer. So my advice right now is to cool it on this front. Consider your beloved friends and family, but also consider your right to plan as you desire. To spend the time organising this day with the love of your life because, whether he/she has taste or colour coordination skills or not, they are the one you’re marrying. Allow the two of you to plan some things together first. Discuss colours, themes and numbers without outside influence. 

3. Plan with ONLY your partner.

By now we should be about 9 months out from your big day… no I hate that wording. Lets change it to, ‘the day two people show the world they were always one’, and you’re grasping at every pretty wedding planner and magazine you can find. They’ll give you months, weeks and days out from the day that you should organise things, so I’m going to leave those out and give you just 3 more essential pro tips. 

Try not to be too stingy on this next one. Remember, they are your memories. I know, I’m a photographer so you think I’m biased but bare in mind, I’ve also had ample couples appear at my door with photos that Uncle Pete shot on his ‘decent camera’, begging me to edit them into something beautiful. That’s the reality folks. Pay for the style and photographers that suits you both… it’ll be worth it.

4. Find a photographer that makes you both comfortable, and tells a story with images.

Second last, organise everything, stress before the day but do so together. Have each others backs and keep each other informed. When two people can rely on each other throughout the plan, even if its only to allow the other to stress relentlessly, then on the day you’ll both know the hard yards are done. You’ll automatically awake on the greatest day of your life, knowing that you’ve done all you could. You’ll relax and allow everything to unfold as it needs to. 

5. Relax and let the day happen as it should.

Of course, I have just one hint, a very girly additive, to finish up; 

6. Make up remover wipes, buy some. 

Trust me, you’ll get makeup on that gorgeous white or ivory gown and your photographer may not be as prepared as I train my troops to be. So get your self some wipes, scrub it off and wait for it to dry. Be pristine again and remain stain free. 


As always, best of luck & I’ll see you at the alter sometime 

Sherryn Leigh x
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